Hello you lovelies!  Welcome back to The Week That Was: Captured, in its temporary home.  I am looking after #TWTWC this week, while Hannah and family enjoy a little break in the Lakes.

Have you all had a great week?

The rules are simple; link up one post about your week!  It can be photographed, Instagrammed, written, videoed… basically in any format you wish!  This linky is about capturing memories and I know Hannah treats hers like an online diary, I do too.  Please only link up relevant posts.

Last week;

Emma’s lovely holiday post did make me a little bit jealous, but I am so pleased you managed to get some much needed family time together.  I hope your dad is better soon hun.  I got beach hut string light envy from reading Debs’ post, amazing right?!  Vicky’s fun week consisted of tree hugging, poo-sticks and Piglet’s house, sounds perfect!

This Week

Baby’s week;

My week;

My week


  1. Sunday –Baby and I travelled on our own to North Wales to stay with Baby’s Aunty and Uncle, leaving Mr Hubby at home with the builders.  Baby was a superstar and travelled really well.  We had a girlie lunch on the way and arrived early afternoon.  Baby settled into her new home fantastically.  Baby’s Aunty cooked an awesome Roast.
  2. Monday –Baby and I went to see my Sister (who I haven’t had contact with for 11-12 years).  I met my nephew and Baby her cousin! (More on this next week).
  3. Tuesday – We had such a fab day.  Baby’s Aunty, Baby and I went to Liverpool One for the day.  We wandered, shopped, stopped for tea and cake (ooops), had our make up done in MAC, wandered some more, went to see the Cavern, had a yummy lunch in Las Iguanas, then almost ran out of petrol (but didn’t phew) and couldn’t find the tunnel to get back to Wales!
  4. Wednesday – I desperately needed a catch up day, so we stayed in and I tried to do some blogging, while Baby played.  She did have an uber power nap as she was pooped.  We then had the bedtime from hell.  Piece of advice coming… Don’t EVER touch a sleeping baby.  Baby had her milk and dropped off perfectly. I thought I had placed her too close to the side, so tried to move her.  She woke and then it took me another 2 1/2 hours to get her back down (I cried).
  5. Thursday – News from home said the builders were almost finished, so we packed up and made the journey home.  Again Baby was a star and again we stopped for a cheeky bite to eat.
  6. Friday – We headed off to Toddler Sense in the morning, Baby had lot’s of fun.  I was recently selected to be a #MorrisonsMum, so joined by Mr Hubby, we went to do our Bank holiday shop.
  7. Saturday – Relaxed day at home.  I started to paint the outside of Baby’s playhouse, did some catch up blogging and Baby went for a bike ride with Mr Hubby.


She that is how our week went.  How’s your week been?  Why not link up and share it with us?

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