Most people you speak to will use Facebook and a significant proportion of those people will log into Facebook at least once a day. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, rekindle old connections, buy or sell possessions and a large % of people use Facebook for business development. Facebook is a tricky beast and people who are using it for business seem to love it or hate it. One thing for sure the algorithm doesn’t help most of us.


How To Use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Biz

So how can you use Facebook as a growth strategy for your business? Here are 16 ideas to help you do just that.


16 ways you can use Facebook to help you grow your business


1: Create a community around an event


If you’re planning an event, a great idea is to set up a group for attendees. This helps to strengthen the experience of the people attending your event and can have so many more benefits in terms of developing the know, like and trust factor with your audience. People get a taste of what working with you is like. I set up a group for my Wrap Party at the end of last year and it was a really great group to be part of. All of the participants then transferred to my main group after the event had ended.


2: Launch a group for a program/product/service


If you have a product or service you could create a group for those people. Groups like this are a wonderful way to provide further support to your clients and also to receive valuable feedback.


3: Build a networking group


Whatever niche or field you’re in, you could consider creating a networking group. These can be a wonderful place to meet like-minded people and to establish yourself as an expert. As well as providing value to the members.


4: Find & join networking groups


Groups are a great way for you to network with the specific people you’re looking for. There are Facebook groups for EVERYTHING, so you’re sure to find one which is perfect for you and your needs.


5: Introduce yourself first


Every time you join a group take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the other members. You’re in there to network, so don’t just join and lurk. You also don’t know what potential opportunities are in the group, so start as you mean to go on. To make it easier, write a bio introducing yourself and your blog, save it and then you can just copy and paste to save time.


6: Use the groups as a resource


You can find out so much information about your target audience from Facebook groups, your own or others. If you have a topic in mind which you need to research, join an appropriate group (filled with people interested in the general topic), then use the search box at the top of the group page to search for specific words within that group. Bingo you will find all of the related posts. This means you can find the specific worries, concerns and pain points of your potential audience. So you know exactly what content to create.


7: Be valuable


Make yourself useful and take an active part in the group. Help people and give them the benefit of your experience.


8: Join groups that are relevant to your readers not to you


Make sure you are joining the right groups. You don’t want the group to be filled with peers, but rather, you want it filled with people similar to your idea reader. Obviously peer groups are so useful too for other reasons.


9: Join groups full of likeminded peeps


These groups can be so helpful in helping you to advance your blog. Especially in a relatively solitary industry, such as blogging.


10: Connect with fellow biz owners out of your niche/field


You can make such amazing connections with people outside of your niche through Facebook groups. It might have been difficult to make such connections without Facebook. However, via the power of groups we are only a couple of clicks away.


11: Establish expertise


Facebook groups are such a great way for you to show people what you know and to establish the expertise necessary to push your blog to the next level.


12: Collect feedback


As I mentioned earlier, groups can prove you with really valuable feedback. This can either be a secret group with some clients and peers or a larger open group.


13: Sounding board group/Mastermind with peers


Such groups can be a really useful way to work with peers to trash out ideas, collaborate and get/give advice.


14: Communicate with your team


A secret group could be the perfect way to collaborate with members of your team.


15: Provide value for customers


Create a VIP group to reward your clients. Make them feel valuable (as they are!) and special. You could use the group to give them exclusive offers and content.


16: Use promo threads


Most groups have dedicated sharing/promo threads. Use these and remember to support the others doing the same.


There you have it. 16 ways to use Facebook groups to grow your blog. Do you use Facebook Groups? Are there any new ideas for growth strategies here for you to try?


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