I love my daughter, I really do. There’s nothing in my life I love more. However, 6 WEEKS OF SUMMER HOLIDAYS! 6 whole weeks to juggle even bigger balls than normal. Running your own business is a wonderful thing, but add in a crazy 3 year old for more hours than normal and things get tricky people!


My business won’t stop over summer, it might not even slow down, who knows. What I do know is that I am going to have to employ all of my mum-hacks to get through the summer.


So imagine you are on a client deadline and you HAVE to work, here’s my plan;


  • The Netflix baby-sitting service 

Netflix offer a comprehensive baby-sitting service and at reasonable rates too. Baby is obsessed with Team Umizoomi and that show is so educational it’s almost like she’s at nursery.


  • Left over end of a wall paper roll and crayons

She loves colouring, normal paper is fine, but find an old half roll of wall paper and let her spread it all over the floor and draw on that; she’s all over it! Usually it buys me a fair bit of time.


  • Give her a box and challenge her to be creative

We all know kids love a box and one thing we are never short of in our house is a box (a blogger’s life!). So, I make the box seem a little mystical and definitely not for her, which obviously makes her want it all the more, then BOOM challenge her to make Blaze (from ‘and the monster machines’) with it.


  • Head to the garden laptop in hand

Sometimes we just need fresh air. Baby loves the outdoors and so heading off to the garden laptop in hand to ‘watch’ her bounce on the trampoline is always a great fall back plan.


summer parenting


  • Enlist the help of our dogs and a tennis ball

Our youngest dog Lily loves running for a tennis ball and for Baby it is such a novelty to throw a ball for her. I think if I let them, I could get hours of out this particular game.


  • Tablet-time

At the end of the day and especially at the end of the week, when Baby is getting very tired, we resort to tablet-time. Giving her the tablet and headphones is the only way we can keep her still long enough to chill out a little and oh the peace when the headphones go on, priceless! If Carlsberg did the witching hour……


  • SnapChat 

This is a new one for us, but I recently started using Snapchat, although I am still not loving it Baby adores the funny face filters.


  • Park

When everything gets too much, we will head to the park for a restorative play! If I am lucky I might get to do some Instagram commenting at the same time!




Are you looking forward to the summer break or are you a little apprehensive about how you will cope with even less ‘you-time/work-time’ ?


Disclosure: “This post is an entry for BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor”.

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