As long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve been aware the some bloggers have an issue with the term professional blogger. This hatred or annoyance has always puzzled me and I’m really unsure as to why the term causes such an issue. Why using that one word ‘professional’ has become such an ‘thing’.


I do know that some bloggers bandy the around the word professional, as if it’s some sort of medal of honour. As if the term somehow makes them better those who don’t use the word. Personally, I have always thought, it’s just a word.  This post has sat in my drafts folder for so many months now, as I was trying to find the right time to share it, if I were to shared it at all.


Professional Blogger – What’s the problem?


Why do some people have such a problem with the term 'professional' blogger? They think it is a superiority thing, it's not it's just a word. Here's my take


I’ve never had an issue with the term ‘professional blogger’, because to me it just makes the distinction between people who make a living from blogging and people who don’t. I think this post would have sat in my drafts for a lot longer, had I not read a post from the lovely Lauren over at Blogging Mummy. Lauren asked the question, ‘What is a professional blogger?’ She made some points and wanted to know whether people thought a certain number of reviews would make you class yourself as professional? Or whether bringing in a certain amount of income from blogging each month would? She asked a lot of questions that probably do sum up what many people think.


So here’s my two penneth, they are just words. If you’re a Manager, you wouldn’t call yourself a professional manager, as you can’t be an amateur manager. A manager that manages as a hobby?! There are no professional bank clerks, professional vets or professional doctors. Simply because you can’t be an amateur version of any of these careers. It’s clear when you use the term Vet, Bank Manager, for example, that it’s their job.


Take football, for example. It started as a hobby before people start to be able to make their living from it. The term Professional Footballer is used all the time and I’ve never heard people get uptight about it. It simply distinguishes those people who play football as their job, in an area where you can do it as a job or a hobby.  It doesn’t mean that the professional footballers are better than the amateurs, it just distinguishes that it’s their job.


Consequently, why would I have a problem with someone saying they’re a professional blogger? Some people use the term professional blogger and it seems they are almost mocked for it. It’s just a distinction between those who make a living from that particular activity and those who don’t. It’s not superiority. I really think we’ll need to relax a little bit about this terminology and accept it for what it is. Not a status thing; it isn’t putting people down; it isn’t making yourself feel better or making others feel more inferior and if it makes them feel inferior I think that’s probably says more about that person than the person using the term.


As a result of differing tastes and circumstances, there are bloggers and there are also professional bloggers. People like me, who are blessed to be able to make a living from doing something they love. While on certain occasions it’s helpful for people to know that their job is blogging, they don’t use it to lionise themselves. Please don’t think that it’s a slight on your ability as a blogger, or on your blog or anything that you have built up and created. Obviously, it’s totally o.k for you to not use the term professional blogger, it’s your choice. All I ask is please don’t be negative towards people who do. They love what they do just as much as you, they just do it for a living.

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