Yesterday I shared some of the blogging tips I gleaned from BritMums Live, it was simply a factual post and didn’t do my experience justice.  So I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how I really felt about BritMums Live.

I have been to a fair few blogging conferences, including last year’s BritMums Live and hand on heart none of them compared to this.  I love learning new things that I can action on my blog, but most of all I love being inspired by the amazing people who attend.  Last year, my first BML and only my second conference, was fabulous but completely different to this. 12 months ago I met friends, I laughed and I learned.  Yet a year on I feel more confident in my blog, my friendships have deepened and I feel truly blessed to have spent time with these fabulous people; who inspire me more than they will ever know.

BritMums Live

With my co-editors on Live. Love. Blog Hannah and Katy

As is always the case with conferences, things were hectic, but we managed to steal 5 minutes with Em for a quick Editors photo shoot for our new blog (it is not often that we are all in the same place, so we made the most of it).  Thanks Em!

Editors 3

These are the fabulous women that blogging brought into my life and this year’s event made it possible for me to make more new friends.  I reached out to a couple of lovely ladies who mentioned on their blogs or on social media that they weren’t attending as they didn’t know anyone.  I invited them both to come with me and my friends and they too are now our friends.  I love that blogging brings people together like this.  I also met lots of lovely new people, who either came over to say hi or who I pounced on, including some lovely Dad bloggers.

Fucking ace

Myself and Hannah with Katie and Amy


Katy, Katie, Hannah and I

Hannah and me

The gorgeous, gorgeous Hannah (I can’t believe it was only a year ago to the day that we met for the first time)

Hannah, Katy, Kate, Amy and I have become great friends and work together on a number of projects, so it was fabulous to spend time with them.  The lovely Jess from Wry Mummy won the BiB for Family, for which I was a finalist, she is such a talented lady and her win was well deserved.  Later that night at dinner, Hannah raised a toast to me making the final, which was so touching. The support of my friends was mind-blowing.  I was so very grateful for all the messages I received on social media and to all the lovely people who came over to say they enjoy my blog, it meant a lot.  I was told a post that I wrote about PND gave someone the confidence to write about the subject and to me that is amazing.

Britmums live

Em / Katie / Katy / Steph / Amy / Katie / Michelle / Katy & Amy / Lizzie / Ceri / Hannah / Leigh / Amy ‘lipsticking’ Lizzie / Katy with Nadia & baby Caspian

This years BritMums Live was such a warm place to be, so many hugs and smiles. Support given freely, inspiration everywhere you looked and friendships that grew further still.


So thank you to all my wonderful friends, old and new, who made this such a fabulous experience.  Until next time!

Did you go to BritMums Live?  Do you plan to go next year?

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