As bloggers most of us strive to produce posts that will get traffic, raise our profile and ideally help someone too. But how do you get all your great ideas down in your posts, and in a way that will do all of the above in the process?..



1. Your post should have a purpose 


The purpose of a post is to communicate something to the readers, so you need to make sure the purpose of the post is clear. Is the post meant to educate, inform, entertain? Whatever your chosen purpose is clarity is key.


It also helps your ability to SEO the post, as you will have narrowed the purpose down to select your keywords.


2. It should have a good structure


Your thoughts, views, ideas and reflections need to be organised. That’s the skill of you as a writer; to organise your thoughts in such a way that the reader has clarity when they read your post. That they know exactly where you stand on the topic.


The structure can break the post up to make it more readable (using H2, H3 etc) and in doing that you will also be improving the SEO of the post.


Post breakdown;


•Introduction: Introduce your topic.

•Eye catching image.

•Make your first point. Explain it.

•Make your next point. Explain it.

•Make your next point. Explain it.

•Conclusion: Wrap up the article with a call to action.


3. Images


Images break up copy and they can also enhance a post and give more life to your post.


4. Substantial length


The minimum post length which most brands would want is 400-500 words and lots of people are of the belief that short and sweet wins every time. However, if all of the content in your post is valuable (and not fluff) longer posts are better. More successful in the number of social shares, engagement, search indexing, traffic and conversions. The most shared posts are around 2.2k words.


5. Share your unique point of view


To write a post which is considered amazing, then you need to have a unique point of view on a topic, or be offering lots of value.


6. Internal linking


Internal linking from your post to other relevant posts on your blog is always a good idea. It helps people to go deeper into your site and spend longer there. The longer they spend, the more likely they are to return, and maybe even sign up or follow.


7. A call to action 


The call to action is vital to convert the effort you took to produce your epic post into your desired result. What do you want to reader to do when they finish reading the post? In most cases going for email list sign ups would be advisable, but you can ask them to read something else or follow you, etc.


Producing a whole heap of random posts is probably not the best way to make a success of your blog.  Content which has a point and which drives the reader into taking a certain action, is much more beneficial to the success of your blog.


What are your special ingredients of a brilliant post? 




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