Are you all ready for Christmas?!  I am totally not, but hey ho, you can be good at everything and I’m totally failing at Christmas so far this year.


Whether you are having  break or plan to keep you blog ticking over, you might have started to think about where you are going to take your blog next year.



Wherever you are in your blogging career and whatever your chosen direction is, I have six resolutions which can apply to everyone and will make a difference too.


  • Improve/change your blog design

If your are not in love with the way your blog looks then you can easy, and inexpensive change your theme. If you don’t want to go down that road, perhaps just tidying it up with some fresh colours and maybe a new header, might be enough to reinvigorate you.


  • Interact more

It is really important and valuable to become involved in the blogging community. Some of my best friends have come from blogging and so interacting is a must for me. Chat on social media, leave more blog comments, answer questions and have fun. You never know who you might find or what might come from it.


  • Do something that scares you

The magic happens when we are outside our comfort zone. So whatever it is that is holding you back, do it! Scared of promoting your blog or pitching to a brand? Just do it! What is the worst that can happen? That’s not too bad is it?


You get in life what you have the courage to ask for – Oprah


  • Stop doing things you dislike

If you dislike an aspect of your blog and it doesn’t bring you joy, then stop doing it. Our blogs should be enjoyable (even if they are our business) and so spending time on tasks we hate, brings us down and also takes time away from that which we can spend on things we enjoy doing. If you blog as a career, remember you started to be your own boss, with your own schedule and freedom to choose, so choose to enjoy what you do.


  • Take a course/Self-development

There is always so much to learn being a blogger and it can sometimes be overwhelming. I have taken a few courses, some better than others. I have also taken part in free challenges and I think that there is something quite motivational about doing a course or a free challenge as a group. You can learn from and motivate each other and having a start and end date, often means that you allow yourself that time to get it done. I have a few courses here if you are looking for one.


  • Share your blog in real life

This can be difficult at the start and it is something I struggled with too. We make a life online and then it can be difficult to share this with real-life friends. So weird that we seem more at ease sharing with total strangers. It can be a really positive thing to share with people outside of the blogging world and you never know who might share it and where it could lead. It is your life be proud of it.


Are you making any plans for the new year?


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