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Facebook’s a tough nut to crack. It seems that Mr Zuckerberg want us to pay to play and consequently it can be hard to build up any momentum. It’s certainly a platform that I feel has been harder and slower for me to build up than others. I recently past 6k page likes, compared to Twitter’s 19k followers in the same time period.


For last week’s #BlogFixFriday vlog I shared twenty ways to increase your page likes. What I thought I would do today is expand on those points and add in some more, to give you all the ammunition you need to smash your Facebook goals.


42 ways to increase your Facebook following


  • Cross promote with other bloggers

Work with a blogger that you would have a similar audience to you and each shout out the other person, tagging in their page and asking for follows.


  • Share great content

Everyone shares their own content on their Facebook page, but you need to share other people’s too. Mix links, pictures, posts and see what your audience responds too best. Facebook also seems to respond to a mix of content types.


  • Use your personal page to occasional share blog stuff

Unless you really want to keep the two areas of your life separate, from time to time drop one of your links on your personal page.


  • Add your blog to your personal profile

Make sure people can find your blog from your personal profile. I have wanted to know who people are in the past (maybe they left a nice comment on a post and I would like to return the favour), but in some cases I haven’t been able to find their blog from their profile.


  • Add your Facebook link/icon into your email signature

All of my social media icons are in my signature. Just make it super easy for people to like your page.


  • Run a giveaway

Giveaways are a definitely way to increase likes. Even though you can’t specifically ask for a page like, you can ask for a visit and you will usually find people like the page once they are there.


  • Comment on Facebook threads as your blog

If you’re anything like me you will be in MANY Facebook groups. If someone asks a question and you can help, answer from your blog page. If people see a good supply of useful info, they may head over to your blog’s page and give it a like.


  • Advertise on Facebook

Run an ad campaign, with your goal as Page likes.


  • Share proven content 

In addition to sharing good quality content and not just your own, you also need to share proven content. If a post has gone viral (and it fits with your content) then give it a share, it will probably attract new users to your page. You can find a whole range of posts which are categories and searchable on PostPlanner. This isn’t a free service, but it feeds you possible content, lets you schedule and push it through your page.


  • Up-to-date ‘About’ section

Make sure you include keywords that people may be searching for.


  • Cross-promote with a brand you have worked with


  • Invite your email list to like your Page


  • Use Facebook Insights

To see what types of posts your audience likes…and post more of them!


  • Host an event at a specific time every day/week

Some people have parties on their Facebook page at a certain time each week or have a day for sharing posts, whatever it might be to get your followers engaged and sharing.


  • Share your thoughts

Not just content! Let people see your personality and they will connect with you more.


  • Use a professional looking profile photo and eye-catching cover image

Show people who you are, rather than use a logo, but also make sure the look professional.


  • Embed a Facebook like widget onto your blog.

Just pop one on your sidebar.


  • Post frequently

The more often you post, the more opportunities you have to interact with your community.


  • Cross promote on your other platforms

Share your Facebook Page with your Twitter or Instagram followers.


  • Use your Facebook Page in the bio of any guest posts you write.


  • Mention your Facebook page on your blog to encourage visitors.


  • Pop something in your newsletter inviting your subscribers to like your Facebook page.


  • Offer an incentive to those who likes your Page.

Maybe a download, printable, ebook; whatever you have to offer as an incentive.


  • Put your Facebook Page URL on your business cards.


  • Put a call to action at the end of your blog posts simply asking your readers to like your Facebook page.

It is so surprising, but all it takes sometimes to get people to do something is to ask them.


  • Invite your page fans to post their own pictures on your page.

Maybe it could be ‘Share your favourite picture from the last week’ or any common theme that people could get onboard with. These pictures will show up in their friends’ feeds, so there is a good chance you will get likes.


  • Leave comments on blogs using your Facebook url.

When asked for your URL, use your Facebook Page address, although this will affect your DA.


  • Create a short shareable video

Do you have a great signature recipe or quick craft? Make a video and sit back while people share it. Remember to upload the video directly to Facebook (don’t use a YouTube link, as Facebook won’t share these as much). I did this with a craft video and the reach was about 45k!


  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your blog page.


  • Follow other Pages in your niche

In Facebook Insights go to the ‘Pages to Watch’ section of Insights, and add your competitors Pages. This enable you to see what is working for them and you can then try their tactics out on your audience/page.


  • Invite your email contacts to like your Page.

Create a short snappy email promoting your Facebook page and share it to everyone in your address book.


  • Create a useful infographic

Think of what you would share and try to create something similar. You can use Piktochart for infographic creation.


  • Consider using a plugin like Facebook comments to use the Facebook commenting system on your WP site.


  • Add you Facebook page link to your LinkedIn profile.


  • Pay to ‘boost’ a popular post

Set the targeting to ‘People you choose through targeting’ or ‘People who like your Page and their friends’.


  • Nurture your community

‘Serve first, ask later’, focus on building and serving your community. As a result people will want to share your stuff and your likes will increase.


  • Make sure your content is right for your audience. 


  • Invite people to like your page who like your post

For every post that people like, click on the thumbs up or heart and invite those who don’t already like your page to do so.


  • Consider the Milo Tree pop up

This plugin can be set to specifically target a certain social network. Some people don’t like pop ups, but they do work!


  • Try a Facebook Live broadcast

Facebook are really pushing the Facebook Live, so why not ‘go live’ and increase your reach.


  • Follow other pages you like


  • Make sure you have clear social media icons on your blog.


Do you like Facebook? What are your tips for getting more Facebook page likes?



42 ways to increase your Facebook following

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