Last month I ran a challenge for over 250 bloggers. We assessed our year and made killer plans to ensure we all kick-butt in 2017. I shared my goals last week, but I also wanted to reflect on 2016 for my blog. I think it’s important to learn from the things that didn’t go as planned, let the lessons we learned sink in, but also to give ourselves a pat on the back. Often we work in isolation and we need to be our own cheerleader; giving ourselves credit for the things we achieve. So here goes, my 2016 highs, lows and aha moments.




  • Diversified my income streams to include courses and coaching
  • Launched my first ecourse and sold over 50 during the initial launch
  • Made it to number 6 of Tots100 (9 now!)
  • Increased my DA to 50
  • Doing my first Facebook live and totally falling in love with it
  • Twitter followers: 2016 goals was to go from 14,400 to 20k. I have ended 2016 on 21,463
  • Instagram followers: 2016 goals was to go from 4141 to 10,000. I have ended 2016 on 11,400
  • Started to work as BritMums Social Media Manager
  • Being booked for my first speaking engagement (Blog Camp), then being asked to speak at BlogFest too
  • Signing my 6 biggest contracts with brands
  • Going to Germany with Pampers




  • Too many late nights
  • Not enough time to focus on the parts of my business that I love the most
  • Too easily distracted
  • Facebook likes: 2016 goal was to reach 8k likes  (5074 at the end of 2015) – I only reached 6629


A-ha moments


  • Don’t trade time for money. You will always lose out
  • Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Go to the place your competitors won’t go
  • I wrote about lots of my other a-ha moments here


So there’s my 2016 in a nutshell. I have probably missed off something notable, but I had to write this from memory. This year I am keeping track of all of these things as I go through the year; will make reflection much easier!


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