If you are a regular reader you might have heard me mention a film making course that I am taking at the moment with Xanthe Berkeley. She offers a couple but I opted for Make Films. I adore making films and just wanted to take a course that would give me more skills and fresh ideas. I have just finished week three and I am really enjoying it. The first week we had to make a film about our weekend, the second was a film portrait of someone and this week the brief was Taking a Moment; the stipulations being we had to put ourselves in the frame and it had to be a slo mo film.


I found this project a little harder, mainly because filming yourself feels a bit odd and I adore my usual model! I love that this course is giving be a little bit of time each week, just for me. It is becoming a wonderful ordinary moment for me.


Here is my project for this week.



The course uses Vimeo so if you love Vimeo then you can follow me over there too.


Linking up with the gorgeous Katie over at Mummy, Daddy, Me for Ordinary Moments.


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