Welcome back to Vlog Stars!  Amy and I are so excited about this linky and you all seem to really be getting into it.  It has helped some people start vlogging too, which is great.  So this month, as usual, we have a theme/tag to make it easier for you all, and a little different from the other vlogging linkys. This time the tag is ‘The highs and lows of parenting‘.  So we asked you to share your 5 highs and 5 lows.

So here are my highs and lows of being a mum.

Please pop over and have a look at Amy’s vlog too.


O.K so our bonus challenge is…….*drumroll*……..

Lip sync for a lipstick

Here’s what you have to do…..*Spoiler* the winner will receive a lovely posh (expensive) lippy!

You can watch Amy’s lip sync below

So you get the idea!  The linky opens today (2nd Thursday of the month) and stays open for 2 weeks.  Please share the love my commenting on a few others.  You can just do one of the other or both!  Link both up below, they can even be on the same video.  Up to you!


Next Month: Live 13th August will be ‘This or That’, just answer these questions, simple;

Coffee or tea
Lipstick or lip gloss
Morning or evening
Dogs or cats
Washing or drying
Pattern or plain
Star wars or Star Trek
Spend or save
Make up or natural
Summer or Winter
XFactor or The Voice
Heaven or hell
Madonna or Lady Ga Ga
Eastenders or Corrie
Curry sauce or gravy
UK or abroad
Box set or tv
Book or kindle
Bath or shower
Take away or fakeaway
Big pants or thong
Fake tan or real tan
Night out or night in
Classical or rock
Sweet or savoury

It’s as easy as that! This or That!

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