It’s Friday and so I am linking up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence for Word of the week #WOTW.

The word of my week is;


After the busyness of all the party prep in the last few weeks, this week Baby and I have focused on having fun.  We have been ladies-that-lunch every day this week!  Get us!  My mum was still staying with us on Monday and Tuesday.  So on both days we ended up doing a spot of shopping and all had lunch together.  It was so nice as we don’t often see my mum and it is lovely for Baby to get to spend some time with her Nana.   On Wednesday Baby fell asleep in the car and by the time she woke up it was lunchtime, which meant we had to have lunch out again (I think she did it on purpose!).


Yesterday we went to spend time with Baby’s BFF and her lovely mummy made us lunch.  Baby wasn’t always very grateful for her food, but I think she is getting another tooth (her 9th!).  It is so cute to watch the girls having lunch together and leaning out of their high chairs trying to share food.  Bless them.

So this week has been relaxed and fun.  We have spent a lot of time squealing, hugging, kissing and blowing raspberries.  Although I loved the party, it tied up a lot of time and thought, so it is nice to have this space in my day and my head back!

I hope you have all had a good week?  Which word sums up your week?


My previous words of the week have been Organised , Overwhelmed,  Blessed,  Active , Cuddles , Play-Date/Illness, Change,

Horrible, Indecision,  Achievement and Preparation

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