As I have mentioned before, my sister and I lost touch.  Years past and before I realised it, we hadn’t been in contact for 11-12 years.  I recently dropped her a line and I am so glad to say that we have been back in regular contact for a few weeks now.  It is really lovely.  My family live in Cheshire and we live down south, which makes just popping by a little tricky!  However, last week, Baby and I had a little Northern road trip, to stay with Mr Hubby’s sister.  This presented the perfect opportunity to go to visit my sister and my 7 year old nephew (who I have never met before).

cousinsBaby loved him and they had so much fun playing together.  Our family is very small and so this meeting was even more special.  They played and he looked after her so well.  He crawled around beside her, with his arm on her, protecting her.  It was lovely to catch up with my sister and see her new house.


Wherever she went, he was by her side, making sure she was o.k.  What a lovely kind little boy.  I am so glad she has this relationship and I know it will grow and develop over the coming years.

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