One Refugee Child is a charity raising funds to improve the lives of refugee children. ​ They work with close partners on the ground to identify the most practical, pressing needs of refugee children, so they can set up projects that will help.  They fundraise for those specific goals and outcomes, allowing donors to choose the project they want to underwrite and it also allows One Refugee Child to provide donors with ongoing feedback about the impact of their generosity.




ORC have forged partnerships with businesses and suppliers to obtain discounted pricing for goods or services to maximize the impact of every pound raised. ​


One Refugee Child is non-partisan, non-political and a purely humanitarian endeavor.  With a tight focus on meeting specific, pragmatic needs of refugee children, we have no political, partisan or religious agenda.  We are a group of action-oriented mothers from around the world who found each other–and ultimately found an impactful way to bring comfort, compassion, and kindness to children in crisis.


Formed from a group of professional women who also happen to be mums. Coming together through a shared belief that, regardless of political and religious affiliation, no child should be robbed of the innocence and joy of those few precious years of childhood.


Mother’s Day Appeal 


For those in the UK and Ireland, Sunday 6th March is Mothering Sunday.  While this day is a celebration of our mothers, historically this date was often the only time that whole family could gather together as they returned to their mother church.


This year alongside the breakfast in bed, the flowers and the cards, they are inviting you to help make a refugee mother’s day by making a donation to One Refugee Child in honour of your own mother as part of our #mothersdaygiving campaign.


There are certificates that you can print out to slip into their mother’s day cards.  Further details can be found on their website

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