When Baby was younger she and all the other babies would lie on blankets, while us mummy’s drank tea and chatted.  Their interaction with each other was limited.  As they grew older, they started to take a little more notice of each other.  I’m not sure that there was too much recognition, may be a passing familiarity.  Baby is now one and things have definitely changed, proper friendships have begun to develop.

She has two close friends TB and D and I love watching her interact with them.  There is recognition, there is friendship, there is love.

Baby & D

Over recent weeks Baby and her little friends have started conversing more than before.  Chatting away to each other in their unique language.  A few days ago at TB’s house I just sat quietly and watched them play.  It was so sweet, Baby went to pick up TB’s doll and TB said something to her.  Whatever it was, it was enough to make Baby hand her the doll straight away.  Then they sat together, Baby took all the wooden biscuits out of the box and handed each one in turn to TB.  It is so lovely to see these interactions, the sharing, the consideration.  They are developing their personalities every day and I love that they seem to have the start of genuine friendships.

TB & D

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have friends that remain your friends through your whole life.  I think it would be magical.  These three friends have all known each other since they were about three months old.  I wonder what the future has in store for them.


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