As we all know, yesterday was Father’s day.   Baby and I had made Mr Hubby some lovely presents and we couldn’t wait to see his face when he opened them.  Then, without any plans, we had the whole day to mooch about and see where the mood took us.

Baby enjoyed helping Daddy open his presents.  First up was the photo collection we created.

Phot collage

I’d like to say this was simple to do, but I would be lying.  Trying to get a 14 month old to hold a picture frame, facing the right way and smile at the same time,  is pretty much impossible.  In theory it should be easy;  buy a cheap plain frame, print out the lettering/symbol and give to child.  Take beautiful picture, print and frame.  In reality it pretty much fell down when I handed her the frame.  However, I managed to get three pictures, which just about pass muster.  I thought it would be quite fun to stick the out takes for each picture on the back of the frame.  Mr Hubby loved it and was really touched.

Baby decided Daddy should open her artwork next.  This was an idea that I got from my lovely fellow blogger friend, Hannah from Mums’ Days.  I just used masking tape to write LOVE (and some hearts) on a £1 canvas and then Baby went to work with the paint.  I also left a small strip at the bottom, so we could write a message to Daddy and date it.  I love the finished result and it will go with our new living room colours too!  Again it was a hit with Daddy.


Finally, Daddy got to open his hamper.  We had spent the last few weeks collecting things for it.  Mr Hubby is quite difficult to buy for, so I thought he would enjoy a collection of little bits and bobs, which included a photography magazine, keyring, cheering bottle opener, cute little toy, Daddy Pint glass, pen, socks, sweets, beers, football rattle, plus lots more.


Then we set off into town.  Mr Hubby had found out that there was a travelling circus performing in the main street, how exciting!


There was an amazing tight rope walker from France, who was dancing on the tight rope.  Acrobats, trapeze artists and lots of things for people to join in with.  The highlight for me were the Acrobats jumping people sat on deckchairs!


Such fabulous fun to watch and they ended up jumping 8 deckchairs!  After lunch, we wandered over to the park as Baby was desperate to get walking.  Bless her she walked so far and was so tired, but she didn’t want to be picked up for long, little miss independent.


So that was our perfect day, nothing particularly flashy, not expensive, but we spent quality time with each other.  It was actually quite a magical day.


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