We love weekends!  Waking up on a Saturday morning with Mr Hubby and Baby, having the whole day ahead of us, just perfect.  A day ready for an adventure.  We have been known to just get in the car and head off, with no destination in mind and just see where the road takes us.  We tend to go out for the day every weekend, to make the most of our special and cherished family time.

So far this year we have visited a few stunning National Trust properties, headed off to the beach, visited the animals (especially the Red Pandas for Mr Hubby, don’t ask!) at the Zoo and simply explored the various country walks around our home.

The next destination for us to visit would be the Safari park (Longleat is our nearest).  It is a great day out and combines all the things Baby loves and has experienced so far.

Meeting the animals



Admiring the views

Beach with Baby

Sampling the local cuisine with Mummy & Daddy


Doing animal impersonations


Obligatory swinging (MUST be done EVERYWHERE)

Baby on swing

Chilling out in the car

Baby Sleeping

Exploring the wildlife


Stopping for a snack


Occasionally though it all gets a bit too much for Baby

Sleepy Baby

For this day out Baby would need comfy footwear, as she has tentatively started walking (only two steps so far but she is on her way!).  So she would wear these great little boots (Bailey Bow Children’s Uggs £100).  Her outfit would depend on the weather, but you can guarantee it would be cute!


and I would pop on a pair of Bailey Button Bombers (£170), probably with some comfy jeans, ideal for walking around and exploring.


There is nothing I hate more than sore feet (ok maybe I hate Tuna more than sore feet, but it is very close), so these would be perfect for me.

We would wake up early (because, let’s face it, there is no lie-in in the land of parenthood).  After packing the car with enough stuff to see us through a weeks holiday (obsessive over packer!), we would set off.  On the drive there Baby would probably have a little nap, as she likes to arrive fresh and ready to explore.

Our first stop would be the maze, so Baby could get out of the car.  The last time we were in a Maze Mr Hubby and I almost couldn’t get out.  So if we managed to exit the Maze, we might head to Postman Pat Village (how cool!).  I have heard that you can hand feed the Giraffes at Longleat, which would be a wonderful experience for all of us.  I imagine that our tummys would be rumbling by now and so we would head for lunch.  After Baby had thrown most of her lunch on floor, we would pile back in the car to go on the safari drive.  Making sure the central locking is firmly locked when passing through the monkey enclosure, as I feel Baby could feel a little too at home.  We would stop frequently to take LOTS of pictures.

So this would be a classic day out for our family.  What would be your classic day out?

This post is an entry for the Uggs Australia competition.  Why not pop over to either Annie’s blog or Alice’s blog to see what day’s out are rated by other families.



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