This week I am co-hosting the wonderful ‘Let’s have an adventure’ linky, which is the baby of Gingerlillytea and All of my days with you.  I am so pleased to be co-hosting with these beautiful blogs, as we love going on adventures.


After a week blighted by illness, we were all desperate to get out in the beautiful sunshine and have a family adventure.  We set off, still a little amazed at the stunning weather and headed to Mottisfont National Trust Estate in Hampshire.

Getting there was an adventure in itself.  So many times we had to turn round due to flooded roads, that were a little too much for my little car.  At one point the water came up almost over the bonnet and the car made made it clear it wasn’t very happy.  Eventually we found a way there and it appeared so did many other people, as it was very busy.  It is such a large estate that although the car parks were packed we never felt crammed in and it still felt tranquil.


As soon as we set foot inside we knew it was a magical place.  So beautiful and all the water twisting through the estate added to the feeling of peacefulness.

Mottisfont 12

The house and gardens were breathtaking and we strolled around the grounds enjoying for the sun on our faces for the first time in so long.

Tree images

All the tree’s here have such character.  Many have branches that were as big as some tree trunks and they twist around almost touching the floor in places.



Beautiful swans enjoying the sun.


There was a beautiful old stable yard and to remember all the horses who had been stabled there, they had this amazing wire horse commissioned.  The Cellarium was amazing, the acoustics were so different even walking a few feet in either direction.

MottisfontWe wandered past the Daffodils to the old Fisherman’s hut.  The gardens were vast and so well kept.  One thing we have come to love about National Trust properties, is the facilities and level of cleanliness.  They always have great baby changing facilities, which let’s face it is really important.


Baby posing for pictures at the back of this great house.   At the top of the hill near the stunning walled garden is this old Shepherd’s hut, complete with Shepherd’s smocks that you can try on.



At the end of the day Baby has a sit on the grass.  This is the first time, as last year she was so little that we always put mats down for her.  She had a lovely time and there is always time for a selfie with Mummy!

Mottisfont 16

So that was our wonderful adventure.  Have you had an adventure recently?  If so why not share it with us in this great link up?




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