Welcome back to ‘The List‘, THE place to share your list posts, with gorgeous co-host Amy from Mr and Mr T Plus Three and I.


Who can link up?  You can link up any post that is a list or that contains a list (by that we mean a couple of bullet points is fine).  Recipes, checklists, todo lists are also fine.  Posts can be old or new, all welcome and you can also link up to 3 posts.


This week I am linking What they didn’t tell you about blogging and #Vlogstars 10 things that make me me  Amy is linking up Focus on dad and #Vlogstars.

My favourite posts from last week were;





My list;


  • We spent last weekend at Wychwood Festival, catching up with Em and her kids which was lovely.


  • Baby has been having fun riding Sali the pony.


  • We had a lovely trip to the new splash park with Laura and her girls.






  • Blog Chat was back this week with a peek into everything we have going on blog wise this week, which brands we are working with and what projects we are doing.



  • This week has been seriously BONKERS work wise and I have been rushed off my feet trying to keep up.


  • Accepted an event invitation for Monday which is also the start of a wider project with Miele Counter-top steam ovens.  A cookery class and a steam in the spa sounds good to me!


  • Amy and my #LittleFierceOnes Instagram community passed the 20k images mark which was amazing.











So you know what do to, grab the badge and link up your lists.  We can’t wait to have a read!

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