Welcome to ‘The List‘, which is THE place for all your lists. I co-host this fab linky with the gorgeous Amy from Mr and Mr T Plus Three.

Who can link up?  You can link up any post that is a list or that contains a list (by that we mean a couple of bullet points is fine).  Recipes, checklists, todo lists are also fine.  Posts can be old or new, all welcome and you can also link up to 3 posts.

This week I am linking Get your blogging inspiration Fix #2 and my Little Fierce Ones round-up.  Amy is linking up her amazing Marshmallow pops.

My favourite posts from last week were;


  • Mama Mim – How to be a friendly blogger – The support of other bloggers helps the blogging world go round and I love this post from Mim.  I have written along the same line previously.  Remember it is nice to be nice. 
  • The Less Refined-Mind – Bringing a whole new meaning to the concept baby brain – This post brought back so many memories of being preggers. 
  • R is for Hoppit – Toddler Laws of Physics – Another awesome post from Silly Mummy, which was such a funny read.


I will feature these three posts during the coming week on my Facebook page.

My list;




  • After a rubbish week last week, I was back on a more even keel this week.  Hooray!


  • Went to a local kids goods sale and got so many bargains, like Baby needs anymore toys!  I couldn’t resist though….





  • Was featured on the #SimplyChildren instagram feed with this shot. 



  • Was so thrilled that someone on Instagram said that my image (the one above) should be in magazine.


  • I was incredibly touched at a comment Amy made on her Little Fierce Ones post about the way I work with brands on my Instagram feed.  I am so flattered.


  • The best post I read this week: I really enjoyed this post about the monochrome lives of the Instagram generation.





So you know what do to, grab the badge and link up your lists.  We can’t wait to have a read!

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