A few weeks ago Baby and I were invited to a Pow Wow at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.  What’s a Pow Wow I hear you say?!  Well this one was organised by Worlds Apart and featured Sleep Specialist Mandy Gurney founder of the Millpond Sleep Clinic.  The idea was for Mandy, Worlds Apart and parents to get together in a relaxed environment, share issues around sleep and for us to learn from Mandy’s vast experience.

It was a fabulous event and we were looked after so well.  There was a separate room for the kiddies and childcare assistants to look after them, while we chatted to Mandy.  Baby didn’t last long in the other room, as she was overdue a nap and got totes emosh!  So she gatecrashed the pow wow.  It was so lovely to meet other bloggers and have a bit of a chinwag too!


Mandy’s top tips for better sleep

  • The best time for a nap is after lunch, when the body experiences a natural dip.
  • If your child falls asleep at the wrong time (i.e too late in the day).  Let them sleep for 10 minutes before waking them.  10 minutes is enough to prevent the child waking up cranky (I tried this on the way back from the pow wow and it worked a treat!).  However, be VERY strict on exactly 10 minutes.
  • Keep the routine before sleep the same, use the same cues, so your child knows what to expect.
  • Most two years olds need just one 45-90 minute nap a day.
  • Toddlers shouldn’t be allowed to sleep after 3pm or it can disrupt their sleep at night.
  • Sleep is triggered by the release of a melatonin (a hormone).  An increase in body temperature (e.g. warm PJ’s and bath) and dimmed lights increases Melatonin production.
  • Ideally an hour before bedtime start quiet time.  Turn off the TV and tidy up toys.
  • Half an hour before bedtime start the bath time routine.
  • Only 5 minutes needed in the bath, with no playtime.

Mandy has also written a sleep guide, which you can find below.

Mandy Gurney Sleep guide

Here is a little video to give you a feel for the day.  Forgive me, it was my first time in front of camera crew!

Thanks to Worlds Apart, Mandy and the Museum of Childhood for a great event.

Pow Wow

Disclosure: Our expenses to London were paid by the event and we were gifted a goody bag.  However, I was not obliged to write this post.

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