Since we started in our role as Konfidence Official Swimologists Baby has come on leaps and bounds with her swimming.  She was at the stage where she could try being a little more independent in our lessons.  So I started to look for a swim fin, when Konfidence kindly sent us the Original Konfidence Jacket instead.

Suitable for 1-7 year olds, the jackets consist of 8 removable foam floats, which give a boost to the wearers natural buoyancy.  Also meaning that the level of buoyancy can be altered depending on the need of the wearer.  The jacket is made out of stretchy neoprene and also provides 100% sun protection, great if you want to use it on the beach.


Having tried the swim fin in a previous lesson, my first impression of the Konfidence jacket is that Baby was much easier to hold with the jacket on, than when she was wearing the fin.  I love that the back of the jacket is bright yellow, when she gets older it will be easy to spot her!  The jacket seems comfortable and Baby was happy to jump in from the side and move around in it.

The second time Baby wore the jacket, I could feel that she was much more confident.  She was happy to turn from the side and try to swim to me on her own (just with my little finger to stop her capsizing!).  I think the jacket has been just the thing to help her make the next step in her confidence.

The jackets are currently on offer for £24.99 (usually £26.99), which I think represents great value for money.

Disclosure:  We were sent The Original Konfidence Jacket for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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