We were recently excited to be sent the new Jiggle With Me Pooh toy from Tomy, for Baby to try out.

Winnie the pooh

Jiggle with Me Winnie The Pooh is a singing and dancing toy.  Just tap Winnie on the head and watch him come to life as he dances and sings his songs.  There are three modes, which the child can easily select by patting Winnie on the head.  There are two songs and a game of musical statues, that your little one can play along with.  Winnie is made of premium soft plush materials, so he is very cuddlable!  This Winnie is suitable for children aged 9 months and over.

Baby has a history of being a little apprehensive of toys which have sound and movement.  Initially, when Winnie began singing and dancing Baby was a little worried and didn’t really want to go near him.  She is getting more familiar with Pooh now and is less concerned, although she doesn’t completely relax when he is ‘performing’.  However, she does really like him when he is quiet!  In fact, she likes to have tea parties and share her cups of tea with him and she strokes him on the head quite a lot!

I think Winnie is a great toy, a real modern classic.  Any apprehension that Baby displayed was due to her idiosyncrasies and not a reflection of the toy.

The toy is priced at £32.99, which I feel is a little steep.  However, if it was a character Baby loved then we might be persuaded.

Disclosure: We were sent this toy in return for an honest review.


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