Every now and then, I find a gem on the Internet. Poki.com is a gaming portal with an extremely broad collection of titles. Every game is totally free, and most are playable on every device—computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Poki has an incredible variety of games, with specific categories for boys and girls. All of the games are also sorted by genre, meaning it’s easy to find the perfect educational (i.e. math, geography, etc.) game for your child.


There are many reasons why I prefer Poki over other gaming sites. As I just mentioned, their selection is both broad and easy to navigate. They have a lot of nifty features, too, like player ratings for each title and personal recommendations. After playing a few games on Poki, they will point out other titles that you might like. It’s essentially the free Netflix of gaming.


This summer, Finding Dory will swim across theatres around the world. Much like other big-budget kids’ movies, Finding Dory has spawned a bunch of games. Baby and I have enjoyed just about every Finding Dory game on Poki. From Fish Charades to Sea Safari, there are a bunch of fun underwater adventures. Most of the movie-related games are aimed towards younger children. In Finding Dory Hidden Underwater, players must find Nemo, Flo, Bubbles, and Sheldon. One of Baby’s favourite games is Dory’s Memory, in which we try to match characters from the movie.


Finding Dory Game on Poki


Thirteen years after Finding Nemo, Disney-Pixar is finally releasing a sequel. When the original movie was released, I was much younger (and not yet a wife or mom). I was a fan of Finding Nemo, so the Finding Dory games on Poki appeal to me, too! I love trying the harder challenges, like the 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. I can help Baby to win the easier games, and I’m still challenged by the harder ones.


Who doesn’t love a new toy? Today, I’m happy to announce an exciting giveaway: You can win an Amazon Fire tablet! Poki is generously giving away the full-color, 7” version of the Amazon’s powerful handheld device. In case you haven’t seen this Amazon Fire tablet before, its roughly the same size as an iPad Mini. However, Amazon’s tablet is much, much more durable. It’s a rugged, kid-friendly device that can play every game, movie, TV show, and song from Amazon’s massive store. Enter the giveaway below for a big chance at an awesome prize!


Kindle Fire HD 7 “


Disclosure: This is a commissioned post.


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