I am on a bit of a mission this year to become a better version of me.  To reduce negativity, increase happiness and improve my confidence.  I was asked to review an online confidence course, which fitted perfectly with my 2015 challenge of self improvement.

Instant Confidence is a 45 minute e-learning course, which you can get a taster of here.  It is presented in a slideshow format, which you can progress through at your own time.  The narrator has a very calming voice, making listening to the material easy.  He explains the physical and mental factors associated with confidence and after each section you are tested on your understanding.  Then he introduces a tactic called Plus One, which you can call upon when you need to feel confident.

Instant Confidence

At the end of the course there was a test covering all the aspects that had been covered, which was a good refresher.

I have a Psychology degree and a NLP Diploma, so this course acted as a reminder to me, rather than giving me lots of fresh information.  The concept of Plus One was new to me and so that was a useful aspect.

instant confidence

Instant Confidence is available for £19.99.

If you need to gain more confidence, then this course could help you do just that.


Disclosure: I was given this course in return for an honest review.

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