I am so excited (and very lucky) to have secured sponsorship for BritMums Live from Puckababy.  Puckababy make beautiful baby sleeping bags and baby wrappers.  We were recently sent ‘The Bag’ (4 seasons baby/toddler sleeping bag).  We picked the grey dot colour scheme, but there are five different colour options.

The main unique, and in my opinion, amazing positive about these sleeping bags is that they are adjustable in length.  Meaning that one bag can be used from 7 months to 2.5 years!  The other draw for me is that ‘The Bag’ consists of two separate layers, a fleece which fits within a cotton shell.  These can be used individually, as well as together.  With or without the arms.  ‘The Bag’ will take your baby from Summer, through to Winter.  For Winter, there are detachable fleece mittens that popper onto the arms, extra snuggly.  Truly an all seasons bag!

This is how to use the layers to ensure the right warmth for each season.

4 seasons

I was very excited when our bag arrived.  The main thing that struck me when I first looked at ‘The Bag’ was the exceptional quality.  The materials used are high quality and the finish is super.  Beautiful little details ensure this bag is really at the top of it’s field.  I actually found myself wishing it came in my size!


The neckline and cuffs are trimmed with lovely ribbon, as is the top of the decorative pocket.  The inner fleece layer is made out of the softest, most luxurious fleece and it feels totally scrummy against your skin.  Unusually the zip fastens from top to bottom, which is genius as it means there is no temptation to chew the zip toggle.

We are currently waiting for our heating system to be replaced and so we have no heating.  We put Baby in the winter bag (without the mittens), with a short sleeved vest underneath and she has slept really well.  I love how soft all the fabric used is against Baby’s skin, ensuring that she won’t be irritated.  Since sleeping in her Puckababy bag, Baby has wriggled around in her sleep a lot less.  The design of the bag means it is more difficult for them to turn onto their front.  Baby turns onto her side and more often than not, that is where she stays.

The Bag retails at £84.99, which is more than most sleeping bags.  However,  I don’t think there is a good quality comparable product on the market.  When I think about how much we have spent on sleeping bags so far (different togs and different sizes) after only 1 year, I think buying The Bag would have been more economical for us.  Especially considering it lasts approximately two years.

The bag has two main components – a fleece and cotton shell. This soft inner fleece sits within the breathable cotton shell offering the ultimate warm pod for baby in the winter. As the temperature begins to increase, you can remove the cotton layer so baby just uses the fleece bit (the recommended format for Autumn). In spring, you can stow away the fleecey part in preparation for the cold chill again, and baby can sleep in the breathable outer liner only. Then in summer, you have the option of unzipping the arms for an even cooler nights sleep.

The quality is just unbelievable. The fleece lining is supremely soft, and it even has (detachable) mittens to keep little hands nice and warm. All the zip components are kept away from baby’s skin and it’s zip-down, rather than up which is a great safety feature as it takes away any temptation for baby to chew on it. There’s also a clever little concealed hood around the neck to protect baby’s delicate skin from the zip-end. Finally, the zip itself bears a rubber Puckababy insignia which is infinitely useful when you have a squirming baby who has sussed that bed-time is imminent.

The fact that you can gather the bottom of the bag (using a secure pull cord) when baby is tiny is also great as it allows for substantial growth (Puckababy is recommended for children from 7 months to 2.5 years). Dexter looks like a little mermaid in his and there’s still plenty of room for him to stretch his legs. At just £76.95 it’s such great value for money as you don’t ever have to worry about upgrading to the next size up or different tog’s.

– See more at: http://mymillsbaby.co.uk/2013/02/sids-prevention-puckababy-four-seasons-simply-the-best-baby-sleeping-bag/#sthash.Lj2SPUGr.dpuf

Why not have a look at Puckababy’s website to see their full range including the Baby Wrappers and The Original Sleeping Bag.

Pop over to their Facebook page and say hi.


Disclaimer: We were sent ‘The Bag’ in order to write this review.  However, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest. 

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