We were recently asked by BritMums and Belvita to share our morning stories.  Now with a young child, we always ‘rise’, but often we don’t ‘shine’.

I am a morning person, although like all parents I long for more sleep.  I don’t like to sleep in late, as I would feel I had missed a chunk of the day.  No chance of that in this house though!  The one thing I dislike about our day at the moment is our mornings and I long for the moment when breakfast is over.  It always seems such a struggle.  Mr Hubby leaves for work at 6.45am, so it is usually just Baby and I tangoing our way through our morning performance.

This is how I would like my mornings to pan out;

7am – Wake up, jump in the shower.  Feel refreshed from my nice long sleep and peaceful shower.  Pop a load of washing on.  Do a quick tidy round and maybe a spot of blogging.

8am – Baby awake, get her dressed (in an outfit that I would have left out the night before) and bring her down for milk and breakfast.  No need to wash her, as she would have been bathed last night.  Leisurely eat breakfast with Baby.  Obviously she wouldn’t be throwing it across the room or at the dogs…..

What actually happens;

Anytime between 5 – 6.50 – Baby wakes for the day.  Give her milk, while trying to nap on the job.  Try not to drop her if I do nod off.

belVita #MorningStories

After milk (time tbc) – leave her *usually* shouting in her cot, while I get the bathroom ready.  Put her in bouncy chair while I shower, grab her and take her in the shower with me.  She can’t have a bath as bath phobic!  Pray she hasn’t had a poo while I was showering.  Shower slippy, wriggly Baby, while trying to stop her turning the shower off and opening the shower curtain.  Above all try not to drop the Baby.  Brush teeth and then catch a cold while drying and dressing Baby.  Try to pick a co-ordinating outfit, while she is pulling all the clothes off the hangers.  Deposit her back in cot, while I get dressed (basically picking whatever is clean, usually off the floor).  Get her out of the cot, as the neighbours will probably think I am killing her now and attempt to dry my hair while she either clings to me or attempts to bungee jump off the bed (without the rope).

Descend the stairs – Try to wrestle Octopus Baby into the highchair, while inserting ear plugs.  Throw some cereal at Baby, mainly for her to stick to her baby grow and feed to the dogs.  Hell, I don’t care, at least she is distracted while I wash the bottles and get her toast and fruit ready.  Return to the living room and pick cereal off the dogs.  Aim to try to eat my toast.

Time to baton down the hatches for the big finale  – ‘wet wiping the Baby’s hands and face’.  This should never be attempted by the faint hearted and preferably only when the neighbours are out, for concerns they will call social services.  Try the element of surprise, wet wiping your own face or any other ‘parent’ trick, it won’t matter, she will still scream as if you are telling her Santa isn’t real (he is really, just a joke!).  At last the morning routine is over for another day, same time tomorrow?


I was very grateful to BritMums and belVita for sending me some belVita to try, these will make my mornings a little easier to manage.  I tried the Fruit & Fibre, Cocoa & creamy live yoghurt and Milk & Cereals.  My favourite is Fruit & Fibre, yummy!  It is quite handy to be able to grab one, in between cleaning fruit puree off the dogs and wet wiping yesterday make up off my face.

Disclosure:  This post is an entry for #MorningStories Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast.  Learn more at http://www.facebook.com/belVitaUK


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