I am thrilled to have recently been chosen to be a #MorrisonsMum.  Morrisons collaborated with BritMums and gave a few of us bloggers, £80 of vouchers to spend on our Bank Holiday shop, while experiencing a new cheaper Morrisons.

We have previously shopped at Morrisons, but it is not our regular supermarket, as we live 20 miles from the nearest store.  Last Friday, we met Mr Hubby and went shopping straight from Toddler Sense, so Baby needed lunch asap!  Our first stop was the Morrisons Cafe, where our lunch was tasty and very reasonable.  I did notice that kids eat free on weekday evenings, which would be great for mums shopping after the school run.


Then, it was time to get cracking on our shopping.  Stuck for meal inspiration, Mr Hubby spotted some recipe cards and so we picked up a few.  I like the market feeling of the Morrisons store layout and it was easy to navigate around.

We started in the fruit and veg aisle.  Now this is something I have never experienced before, ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ fruit and veg!  All covered in dry ice!  The fresh herb display was fab, in fact the fresh produce section was the best in terms of display, of any we have experienced before.  Lots of choice and all very fresh.


Baby had a lot of meals to chose from.  It took her ages to decide!


This is just some of what we bought for our £80, the fridge and freezer stuff had already been packed away (efficient Mr Hubby!).  Mr Hubby decided to make the Italian-style Roast Chicken (from the Morrisons recipe cards).  He worked out that this was £2.45 per serving.  This price doesn’t include the garlic or onions, as we already had them, but does include the trimmed beans and tender stem broccoli that he served with it.Morrisons

So our verdict on our Morrisons shop was very positive.  The produce was all of excellent quality and there was lots of choice in store.  The staff that we came in contact with were friendly and helpful.  We would definitely make Morrisons our regular supermarket if we had a local store.

Oh and a major bonus was the 6p off a litre of petrol coupon, we were given at the checkout!  Thanks Morrisons!




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