Baby has always loved Petits Filous and she has been eating My First Petits Filous since she was a baby. Since then she has experienced so many ‘firsts’; first steps, first time at the beach, first time on a pony, first time camping, first holiday, first bike ride, the list goes on. Every day it seems as if another first just happens, that’s why childhood is such a magical time.


Baby's first meal
All ready for her first taste of food!


First taste
First taste!


First time at the beach! She loved it!


Baby's 1st birthday
First birthday party


Pony 1
First pony ride


Active Family
First holiday


Baby preschool
First day at Pre School


Camp bestival
First time camping and first festival!


Baby Bike Riding
First bike


I think one of the most rewarding parts of being a mum, is being able to be by your child’s side as they soak in all of their new experiences and progress through their own personal set of firsts. Although many children experience the exact same firsts, there will always be the memories that are specific to each child and that’s what gives us all a vibrant history. Not simply that they took their first steps, but each parent will know exactly when and where this happened and will probably have a story to tell about it too.  This is what makes all children’s firsts unique and so very special.


Petits filous


I have always been so happy to let Baby enjoy My First Petits Filous from the UK’s #1 kid’s yogurt and fromage frais brand, Petits Filous; as I have been safe in the knowledge that it’s low sugar, which gives me so much peace of mind.


petits filous


My First Petits Filous is an ideal weaning product, vanilla flavoured with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, it also contains calcium and protein which helps strong bone development and it’s really tasty too! Baby still loves it and even shares it with Mr Reindeer!


petits filous


 Do your children like My First Petits Filous? What has been your favourite ‘first‘ so far?


petits filous
Disclosure: “This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.

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