Jaime at Oliver’s Madhouse creates a Linky each week for us all to share our Magic Moments.  These moments can be any moment that feels magical to you, however big or small.

The last few days have been very mixed for me.  I threw something for the first time on Thursday.  I was trying to tidy and everything was building up inside me, not sure why, but I threw the dustpan and brush across the kitchen (Baby was with Mr Hubby).  I ran upstairs and felt like I was having a panic attack.  It didn’t achieve anything, apart from us now needing a new dustpan and brush…

I have been focusing on making products for my new business over the weekend.  Baby was very hard work on Saturday and I had to work really hard to stay on an even keel.  I was trying to sew and Mr Hubby was at work.  She would cry if she was left for more than a minute playing on her own.  We popped briefly to a photo shoot that Mr Hubby won.  It was great to get out (although I was stressed about taking the time out when I have so much to do) and Baby was a pro.  The photographer got the shoot done in about 15 minutes and she was laughing and posing as soon as he picked up his camera.  She was so happy and smiley.

I’m not sure that we will be able to afford any pictures (we won one free picture), so I took a quick snap when we got home.  In a stressful and busy few days, this hour was like an oasis of happiness.

This was my magic moment.

pic baby

Magic moments


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