Welcome back to my #LittleFierceOnes hashtag community round-up. Amy (Mr and Mr T Plus Three) and I are blown away by your amazing pictures and we are so happy that so many of you are tagging your beautiful shots, so we can see them in our community.  There are now almost 1,000 pictures, so we are growing nicely.


I love rounding up my favourite pictures, but I do want to stress that it is so hard to pick, I could literally feature twenty a week and still not show all the fabulous pictures.


My top three

From my feed I have loved these three images the most.

My favourite from Mr & Mrs T Plus Three

Amy’s feed is one of my favourites and this week she posted my favourite image of hers.  I just love how carefree Rose looks.


My featured images

Our original plan was to pick one each from the community and share here on our blogs.  When we sat down to look through the hashtag feed, we were genuinely blown away by all the images and we knew we had to feature more than one each.  So will we each highlight three images. To me these wonderful pictures sum up the idea behind our community perfectly.



How awesome is this picture?!  I just love everything about it, such a wonderful capture.


So much gorgeousness!  I love the colour and the perspective, such a wonderful shot.


I just think this picture is adorable!  She is so sweet and a future star for sure.


Amy and I would love it if you would join us.  Just tag any pictures of your beautiful children #LittleFierceOnes.  I hope to see you all again next week!

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