This week has been quite a nice week really, although Baby is still in a bit of a ‘difficult’ phase!  (that’s been pleasant!).  I think the terrible two’s have hit 10 months early!.

Our Week

Our Week That Was Captured

  1. Sunday – We had an amazing family day at Cotswold Wildlife Park.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  It was fabulous being literally face-to-face with the giraffes.
  2. Monday – We popped to town to get my boobs measured! I have been meaning to since I had Baby and she is 14 months old! Finally ticked it off the list.  Then Baby and I had lunch and a play in the park.
  3. Tuesday –  We went swimming and Baby was awesome.  Then after lunch we went to see one of Baby’s best friends for a play date.
  4. Wednesday – Our cupboards were bare, so Baby and I popped for some essentials and then we had to wait in for a couple of deliveries.  Bit of a boring day, but Baby got the wear her waterproof suit for the first time, so every cloud.
  5. Thursday – We had a day in, as I didn’t feel tip top.  I did spend some time painting the playhouse.  Baby was sent an amazing Giraffe towel to review (more on that soon).
  6. Friday – We should have gone to Toddler Sense, but Baby woke at 5.30am so fell asleep on the way.  I decided not to wake her and sat in a lay-by until she woke, then we popped into town for a wander around.  I managed to get a quick haircut, while Baby watched on and shouted words of encouragement! (or at least I think it was encouragement!).
  7. Saturday – What awful weather we had first thing, thunderstorms, the works.  So we headed to IKEA to get some bits we needed.  Mr Hubby popped in to the supermarket and I gave Baby some milk in the car, but she decided on no publicity!  By the time we got home it was glorious and so I made a start painting Baby’s garden pencils (will be on the blog soon!).

So that’s our week captured.  How has your week been?  Good I hope?

As always I am linking up with the fabulous Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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