This week has been quite productive, not least because I won a computer in a blogging competition.  Quite fortuitous as my laptop is a little bit poorly.  I never seem to have luck like that, so I am very pleased, as you can imagine.  As it was a Bank Holiday and my birthday, we had Mr Hubby with us for an extra two days, which is always lovely.

Baby’s Week

Baby's week in pictures

My Week

My week in pictures

  1. Sunday – Mr Hubby, Baby and I went for a day trip to Marwell Zoo, such a lovely sunny day, perfection!
  2. Monday – Mr Hubby was off work, so we wandered round town and then had some lunch. I did some playhouse painting in the afternoon.
  3. Tuesday – Started Baby swimming as Konfidence Swimologists, Baby screamed the place down!
  4. Wednesday – It was my birthday and Mr Hubby had the day off, so we went to the beach (briefly as it was SO cold!), then drove to Arundel, not really much going on there!  Baby had sausage and mash for the first time and loved it!  I won a computer in a blogging competition!
  5. Thursday – Baby slept until 8am!  (she did go to bed an hour later than normal).  We went on a play date with our lovely friends L and E.  We met little baby A for the first time.  Baby kept giving E such cute cuddles.
  6. Friday – Our usual Friday jaunt to Toddler sense, Baby was very independent, I think I could have gone for a cup of tea and left her to it!  Baby fell asleep 30 seconds from home, so I blogged for 45 minutes in the car park outside the house!  In the afternoon we made Banana bread and Baby had a go on her swing.
  7. Saturday – Disaster day!  Pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong, everywhere we went.  Shops closed, roads closed.  Every decision we made turned out to be the wrong one.  So we retired home, after popping to Sainsburys for Mr Hubby could get supplies for his French trip next week.

So that’s our week captured.  How has your week been?

As always I am linking up with the lovely Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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