Last week we went to our local town to run a few errands and decided, while we were there, to pop to the lake canal to feed the ducks.  The Cygnets, that we saw a couple of months ago, had grown so much but still retained their grey feathers.  They were so beautiful.

Swan 9

Baby was quite captivated and even tried to offer them her sandwich.  We enjoyed feeding them most of Baby’s snack box.

Swan 11

Then we turned our attention to the older Swans.  I couldn’t believe how big this chap was!

Swan 2

He was very friendly, so I decided to be brave and try to feed him a bread stick.

swan 4

After a couple of bodged attempts, when my nerve went.

Swan 3

I managed to hand feed him!  It was amazing and Baby loved it!  I have never been that close to a Swan and I even stroked him.

swan 5

swan 7

Baby loved having a chat with the Swan and I think she would have liked to take him home.  What an amazing pet that would be!  He was so confident, maybe a little bit too confident when he tried to steal my sandwich from the buggy handle.

Swan 10

What a cheeky chap!

Swan 12

Such a beautiful creature to be so close too.  We felt very honoured and it was truly a special time for both Baby and I.

Swan 8

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