For the last few weeks, as a family, we have been focused on Baby’s first birthday.  Buying her presents, planning her party, baking, making, trying to make her first birthday truly magical.

Although this time has been very special, I want to remember the more simple pleasures that we have experienced during this hectic time.  Baby loves a selfie, or a melfie as she often likes to include me.  She also loves my phone as her picture is on the case and also on the screen saver.  She turns the phone over smiling and laughing at the back and the front.  As soon as you put the phone onto camera, she see’s herself, her smile widens and she is in her element.  Posing and pulling faces while I take pictures.  There is a picture of her and I on our living room wall and quite often she will point to it and laugh.  It is so lovely that she recognises us both.  I love being on this voyage of discovery with her.  Being by her side as she learns and develops.  She is such fun and we often just squeal at each other in delight, hugging and squeezing, pulling crazy faces and tickling.  I love these simple things.

melfie 3

melfie 5 use

Melfie 6


selfie 3 use

Selfie 4


 I am linking this post up with the lovely Katie over at Mummy Daddy Me and her Ordinary Moments.

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