Oh rain, rain go away!  I hate to state the obvious, but I wish the rain would stop.  It is really impacting on us now.  I do realise there are people who have been very badly affected by this appalling weather, so I know we are lucky, but with a baby in a pram it is limiting our outdoors time.  Anyway here are a few snaps of our week.

Our week

1. Sunday – I had to work for a couple of hours in the morning, then we had a lazy day due to rubbish weather.

2. Monday – Baby and I baked some cupcakes to review Sugar and Crumbs icing sugar & cocoa.  Then we went of a little walk.

3. Tuesday – Off to our friend’s house for a play date and to eat the cupcakes! Yum Yum!

4. Wednesday – As usual it’s Baby Sensory day and we had a few errands at the supermarket.  We almost got washed away – the rain was horrific.

5. Thursday – After a lazy morning, off we went for another play date this time with D.  We picked up some party bag goodies on the way home.

6. Friday – I had a haircut (thank god!) from my lovely neighbour (much easier than going to a salon).  Mr Hubby took Baby for a ride on her bike and then Baby and I had to do a spot of shopping (more party stuff!)

7. Saturday – We all popped to the village hall to have a look round the market and to see Baby’s party venue!.  Baby was suffering with her teeth (two more have made an appearance) so she had a nap while we went to the garden centre (might have had a cream tea….) and then we popped to Dunelm Mill (really like that shop) and just picked up some more party things. We had planned to do something, but the rain was epic, hailing at times and so we were confined to the house, against our wishes.  Baby did enjoy kissing herself in the camera though!.

So there is our week that was.  No posh days out, but lots of simple pleasures and lovely times with friends. Oh and I seem to love knitting!

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