This week has been fairly positive.  Mr Hubby went away for a few days, which obviously we don’t like.  However, I tried all week to get ahead with my blog to give myself breathing room, which I achieved.  So hooray for me!.

Baby’s Week

The Week that was captured

My Week


  1. Sunday – We just had a pottering around day, as Mr Hubby needed to get things ready for his impending trip to France.  We did find an amazing storage unit for £20 from a car boot sale!  Mr Hubby cooked an amaze-balls roast lamb for dinner.
  2. Monday – Baby and I went to see our wonderful friends Z and D, who have been away on holiday.  The children were so excited to see each other, it was so lovely.  We received a personalised plate as a gift from Studio Kids Design.
  3. Tuesday –  Mr Hubby left for France.  Baby continued her role as a Konfidence Swimologist, she was sooooo much better.  Very proud of her.  Baby’s Aunty arrived, as she is staying here while Mr Hubby is away.
  4. Wednesday – We had a day at home as Baby’s uncle arrived from North Wales to fix Baby’s Aunty’s car, which wouldn’t start that morning.  He fixed it and drove back to Wrexham!  That’s love for you.  Baby and I played on the swing in the sun.
  5. Thursday – Our new flooring was delivered damaged so I sent it back, so annoying!.  I put Baby’s play pen outside and did a bit more play house painting.  Mr Hubby got back from France.  Woo hoo!
  6. Friday – Toddler Sense time! It is amazing and I would recommend everyone to take their kiddies.  Especially to the Newbury sessions, as our organiser has an amazing imagination.
  7. Saturday –  We all went to Lepe Beach.  Baby went on the sand and in the sea for the first time (post coming soon!).  I met some lovely ponies and drank some wine!.

So that’s our week captured.  How has your week been?

As always I am linking up with the lovely Hannah from Make Do & Push #TWTWC

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