So much of the joy of parenting, for me, is found in those simple moments.  You may have the same moments every day; in some respects even take them for granted.  Yet still you gain so much joy from them.

For us, one of these simple, but magical, pleasures is going to the playground.  We are so blessed in our area with many fabulous parks and playgrounds, all with amazing equipment. Recently, I have been feeling increasingly like I am failing Baby.  I am so desperate to make a go of things, that I am tapping away at any available opportunity; constantly on the go and always trying to move on to the next thing.  The mornings that Baby is happy to entertain herself with Sheriff Callie or Doc, I abuse.  I may be physically with her, but I am not truly present.

A few days ago I read a few posts that made me cry and I am going to link them, as maybe they will mean as much to you as they did to me.  The first was this wonderful post by the lovely Michelle over at Bod for Tea.  Boy did it strike a cord, I went on to read the two posts she suggested.  Apart from feeling like they were talking about me, it made me realise I need to change.  To try and slow down, as Michelle did.

Baby loves trips to the playground, but sometimes I forget this.  I am busy and I know she will cope with not going, so sometimes we don’t.  What I have come to realise is, that it doesn’t matter that she will cope, what matters is that she loves it, we both love it.  So I need to make time; make time to always ensure my daughter is put first.


I will find the time to watch her enjoying the slide, as if it the most fun she has ever had.  I will have the time to help her climb up from the bottom.


I will take the time to watch over her as she conquers the obstacles and enjoys climbing, just because.  I can’t remember the last time I did something, just because.

Baby in the Park

I will relish the time taken to watch her point with glee at the birds, run around like she is possessed and I will watch as she takes one leaf from the ground, ventures across the playground to post it through the gate.

I will slow down, find the time, take the time, enjoy the time.  My daughter won’t be this age forever, so I must not miss this time.

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