The lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence has recently started a new linky, called ‘Word Of The Week’.  The challenge being to to find one word that sums up your week.  I love a linky and a challenge, so jumped at the chance to join in.

So the word of our week is

organisedI could have chosen a few other words, pain, illness, tired, grumpy, but I want to focus on a positive aspect of the week.

I have LOTS going on in my head, things I should be doing, things I want to do and if I just let these thoughts roam free, I get very stressed.  I want to do so much and do put alot of pressure on myself.  Hence the resulting stress.  I am an organiser by trade, but it usually escapes my home life, especially since Baby was born.

So this week I have tried to take control and it has made me feel a bit better.  I have focused on home and my blog.  Some aspects are still work in progress, but I have made a start.

I have finally bought a calendar for the kitchen, so we can see what’s coming up.  The first time in 14 years we have had a calendar in the house (usually just relying on our phones). It has columns for each of us, shopping list and note pad and has been useful already.  I also want to get in a better routine with the household chores (definitely still work in progress) by doing little and often.  I plan to make myself a timetable, just stating what I have to do each day.  When I am tired, hassled and stressed I find it hard to think straight and nothing much gets done.  So this might be a positive step.

I spent quite a while the other night ordering hundreds of photo’s (using the free prints you are offered when you sign up, what a saving!), as I take so many photo’s, but haven’t actually printed any yet.  I want to put some in Baby’s My Life Story diary and create a picture wall in our living room.  So another job ticked off my never ending

I love my blog, it is time I take for me.  I know it is about Baby and our family life, but I enjoy the process and the writing.  When I am stressed I do not feel creative and then I panic that I won’t have a post.  I know no-one will care, but I will, as I want to keep posting regularly.  So I have been thinking ahead and planning what I might like to post, and getting a few ideas in draft form.  I have also produced a spreadsheet detailing all the linkys I am aware of.  Sometimes I have an idea for a post to find the linky has just closed, so hopefully knowing what’s going on, when and where will help me plan and again reduce my stress.

All I need to do now is to focus on my new business!


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