Welcome to my weigh in!  I have now been on the Diet Chef plan for just under 12 1/2 weeks (as I had 4 days off at Christmas).  Details of all my previous weigh ins are here if you want a little look.

This week I have been back on track apart from a takeaway on Friday night, which was our guests last night with us before they headed home from their Christmas break and a jacket potato after a morning of feeling poorly.

I am super focused on achieving my goals and I am starting to notice the difference in photographs now, which is very motivating.

Weight loss

With the turn in the weather I have been very glad of the yummy Diet Chef soups, especially Ham and Sweetcorn Chowder and Chicken Mulligatawny, I can’t quite believe they are low calorie options.  As always the meals are really tasty and I have been teaming mine with some fresh vegetables or salad every evening.

This week’s vital statistics

Weight lost

-2lb (total -41lb in 13 weeks)

Total inches lost (across 10 measurements)

-1.5″ (total -52″ in 13 weeks)

So that is 1lb off 3 stone!  I have also noticed a difference in my confidence and the weight loss is starting to improve my life.  When I was at my heaviest I wouldn’t go on any rides or even onto the soft play equipment, for fear it would collapse.  Now Baby and I have lots of soft play fun and I find myself crawling through tunnels suspended many feet above the ground.  So, I am now beginning to play an active part in my own life and it is about time.

I can’t wait to get to my goal and reap all the rewards when I do, I know I will benefit in so many ways.  Having been overweight all of my life, I am looking forward to being in the ‘healthy’ range for the first time ever.


The programme I am on would cost £8.75 per day.  However, if you order a 12 week supply this daily cost reduces to £6.61 (this is for all three meals and a snack).  At the moment they have a fab offer of 50% off the first month of a 12 week plan.

Disclosure: I am being sent Diet Chef hampers in order to review the programme.  All opinions are 100% honest and are my own.

Diet Chef
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