I am joining in again with the fabulous Hannah over at Mums’ Days with her linky, in which we can share the highlights of our week.  From our personal lives and also from our blogs.


This week Baby has learned to crawl properly (she usually just commando crawls) and has taken her first unassisted steps on her walker (see my proud Mummy post here).  It has been a big week for Baby!  I am in the midst of part planning for Baby’s 1st birthday.  Why did I decide to make all the decorations, bake the most complicated cake, bake and personalise biscuits for party bags, personalise party bags and all the other nonsense I thought would be a good idea?  What’s wrong with a cake from Tesco and some streamers anyway?
In an attempt to do more with my other social networks (not just Twitter) I have created an Easter Pinterest board, featuring some yummy recipes and some decorating ideas.  I need to try and focus on one network at a time and then I may be able to get them up to scratch.  So Pinterest needs a bit of a sort out and I need to remember to Instagram more, as I love it but do forget.  I am putting off getting to grips with Google+.



I started to work with two new PR agencies this week, which is great for me.  I have also been approached for a couple more opportunities, which will be fun to be part of.  I am making the most of Twuffer to schedule my tweets throughout the day (how did I cope without this?).  The best thing is it’s free with no tweet limits, unlike Buffer.  After Baby’s brekkie I publish the day’s posts and then spend a few minutes scheduling the tweets for the day, so I can relax and not have to worry about tweeting my links.  I would like to schedule my posts, but I would still have to manually input to FB as it is my personal account with a page for my blog.

I have done my nominations for the BiB Awards.  You can nominate too by clicking here.  I found it quite difficult as there are so many beautiful blogs around.  I just wish I have more time to read them all.


As some of you know I secured a sponsor for BritMums Live and I have now booked my hotel, so nearly all systems go.  I am very nervous for so many reasons.  Not least because I have never left Baby for a day, let alone two and a night and it makes me sad just thinking about how much I will miss her.  I am also a bit apprehensive (but also excited) to meet my new blogging friends.

I hope you have all had a happy and productive week!


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