It’s Mums’ List time with the fabulous Hannah over at Mums’ Days.  Mums’ List allows us to share the highlights (personal and blogging) of our week and also the things that still need to be ticked off our Mums’ Lists!

Mums list



  • We have been enjoying the beautiful weather, getting out and about whenever possible.
  • I have been painting – when will it end!  This time it was Baby’s picket fence for her garden.  #SoExcited!
  • Baby started Toddler swim class.
  • We caught up with friends that we haven’t seen for a while, which was lush!
  • Baby rode a pony for the first time. #WannaBePonyClubMum!



  • I am now 220 in the TOTS100 blog rankings and this makes me very happy!  (For anyone who doesn’t know they are out of about 10,000 blogs).


  • My most popular new blog post this week has been this one about our trip to the beach.
  • New blog discovery; Natalie’s lovely blog babyandhome.  This blog is such a lovely read and I find myself agreeing with so much of what she writes.
  • I am so pleased to finally have a wireless printer thanks to VikingDirect.  I can now easily print all of Baby’s pictures!
  • I have discovered a tweet scheduler that has CHANGED MY LIFE!  It saves me about an hour a day.  I usually use Twuffer, which is great as it is free, BUT you have to input each tweet, changing the time for each.  So it can be quite time consuming.  I found Social Oomph, which is JUST what I was looking for.  You can enter a tweet and set it to tweet out at whatever frequency you want, for as many times as you want, indefinitely if you like!  I can’t tell you how happy this has made me.
  • I have started to get businesses on board for my 1st year Blogaversary month of giveaways, which is next month.
  • We have been invited to a blogger event at CBeebies land.  Baby will be so excited to see ITNG!



  • I have been inspired by a conversation on IG about IG giveaways.  So I think I might run one. If you fancy following me, I am here. #Simples
  • I need creative ways to work with my blogging friends.
  • I also need to put together Baby’s toddler room, as her nursery is always a gazilion degrees!  She will also want more space as she gets older.  This does mean more painting!

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