It’s Mums’ List time with the amaze-balls Hannah over at Mums’ Days.  Mums’ List allows us to share the highlights (personal and blogging) of our week and also the things that still need to be ticked off our Mums’ Lists!

Mums list


  • I had a crappy meeting this week, which looks like it will result in some changes for us.  I have got to focus on positive things and not let it get me down.

Mums' List

  • Baby continues to be amazing when we go swimming #TheChannelNext?
  • Baby and I are off again to Wales after Britmum’s Live, so our new floor can go down in our living room.



  • I read this post by our host Hannah, discussing Facebook adverts.  So I thought I would give it a go, just to test the water.  I set the budget at £3 a day and committed to 7 days.  The advert started at 9.30pm on 9th, when I had 358 likes.  Up to 9.30pm on Friday night (4 days) I gained 213 new likes, of which 184 where from the advert (which according the the insight was a 2,080% increase on last week!).  The post reach goes up incredibly to 6.2k which is a 439% increase on last week.  3,764 people saw my ad page.  Total page likes 61.8% up on last week.  The cost for that so far has been £11,87.  Money well spent in my eyes, to make sure your page is actually seen!  Thanks for the tip Hannah.
  • We have had a fair few lovely things to review arrive this week, ranging from a towel to a large wooden toadstool complete with Fairy door!  #ToadstoolLove
  • Six days to go until BritMums Live.  I am so excited and I do really need some ‘me’ time.  I am also apprehensive, as I will be leaving Baby overnight for the first time and a little scared… just because!
  • I need ideas to grow my blog #AnswersOnAPostcard?…
  • I am still pondering ideas for Vlogging, I would like to give it a go, but no idea what people want to watch.



  • I found this collection of posts about Google+, which I must try to read and get my head around.  Britmums also have all these helpful guides.  It is going to be increasingly important to use Google+ fully and effectively.
  • I have been pinning a few lovely bloggy tips to my Pinterest board.  I just need to find time to read them all!

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