It’s Mums’ List time with the amazing Hannah over at Mums’ Days.  Mums’ List allows us to share the highlights (personal and blogging) of our week and also share the things that still need to be ticked off our Mums’ Lists!

Mums list Mums List #7



  • I have had a bit of stress this week, which has been a rubbish.  Thanks to my good friend Z, who has helped me work things through.
  • My diet has started again.  I am waiting for a hospital appointment, but need to just get on with it. #EatingDust #NoMoreCake
  • Baby is now walking properly and she thinks she is amazing. #RiverdanceNext?
  • Baby ate grapes and some banana!  They weren’t pureed!  Amazing! #BreakingNews  UPDATE:  Now all she will eat is grapes…….
  • I dyed my hair red after years of being highlighted blonde (I was dyed red in my youth!)

Mums' list



  • I passed the 3k followers milestone on Twitter.  Not bad for 9 months of Twittering.
  • I have a couple of giveaways on the blog at the moment.  I need to line some more up for when my current ones finish.
  • I have discovered Snapsead and Phonto apps and I LOVE them, they will make my Instagram pictures prettier.



  • I have been inspired to perhaps try my hand at Vlogging.  I think it adds a lovely personal aspect to a blog.  I do not have a clue, however, what to Vlog about!
  • Last week on my list was to focus on increasing my Pinterest boards and hopefully followers.  Fortuitously, I came across this fab post and link to free Pinterest ebook.  So helpful!


So what’s on your list?

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