I have enjoyed over the past few weeks taking part in the ‘Some Things I Love’ linky run by Morgana over at But Why Mummy Why?  Morgana has changed the feature a little for the new year and it is now called ‘Love The little Things’.  The essence of the feature is still the same, giving us a way to share the small things we love each week.
So here’s my love list this week:
Some thing I read: I have started to read the new Bridget Jones book, ‘About The Boy’ and although I was slightly (o.k a little more than slightly!) horrified to find out Mark Darcy had died, it has had laugh out loud moments already.
bridget jones

Some thing I watched: This week saw the return of Dancing On Ice.  As I have already admitted I am a sucker for a reality show and I also yearn to have a go at skating.  However, as my back is a not a team player I can’t skate.  My favourite performance of all the series is Hayley and Dan’s Jai Ho.

Some thing I heard: I saw the new Thomson Holiday advert this week and I really love the piece of music they have used.  I am not sure why, but I find it quite an emotive piece.  If you haven’t seen the ad yet, here it is.

Something I made: I have recently launched my business and this week have been working on a Valentine’s design. Here it is at the sketching phase (need to add the buttons & lettering).new design

Some thing I wore: I haven’t really done the sales shopping thing this year, but I did snap up this maxi skirt from New Look for £9 – bargain!

skirtAnd lastly: As always I love my little girl.  She has been so ill this week and although some days have been really bad, just one little smile makes my heart soar and fills me with pure joy.

love the little things

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