Alif Baa is an app that helps to teach children the Arabic alphabet whilst also making it entertaining. The aim of the creators is to be the leading educational app provider, by delivering fun and playful learning objectives through various learning techniques; flash cards, sequencing, handwriting and identification.


Alif Baa


Using a series of exciting games the app teaches children in a fun and easy way. This is key, as we all learn better if the lessons are made interesting. As the children progress through the games, their time is tracked and then the learning pace is adjusted, meaning it becomes tailored to individual children. This is such a wonderful idea, as we all know children will all learn at different paces and could become frustrated if the progress was either too fast or even to slow for them.


The app has been designed by a group of mothers and children with the goal of helping children to master the Arabic alphabet, which is the first step in learning to read the Arabic language. Available worldwide it is suitable for children aged 3+ and is especially helpful for children who don’t speak Arabic as their first language.


Featuring specific educational objectives and encouraging critical thinking, it is designed to appeal to children with the fun clear graphics and use of bright primary colours. It is really easy to use, so it focuses well on the capabilities of the target age group. The inclusion of the progress page makes it very quick and easy to check your child’s progress as they work through the app. No other app uses a board game design to teach arabic, so it it unique. The content is repeatable which confirms learning and flashcards with audio enable children to learn both the look and sound of the letters.




At £1.49 (promotional price) it is very reasonably priced and there is no in app spending, which will be a big relief to most parents.  There are also no external adverts within the app, so the children can focus purely on learning.  Alif Baa is a member of Moms With Apps and is COPPA compliant.


There is no need to enter any personal data and it’s totally private and secure. You can find it in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (requires iOS 5.1 or later) and is available worldwide.


Keep in touch with Alif Baa to hear first when other languages are added by following them on:

Facebook: Alif Baa Twitter: @alifbaa_app Instagram: @alifbaa_app


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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