I love the process of writing a weekly gratitude list, as it ensures I consciously take in the small, but lovely things that happen every day.ย  Then, they are immortalized here on the page, so I will always remember.


This week I have loved;

  • The delivery of our new pram!


  • A fabulous afternoon with my blogging buddy Katย and our kiddies.
  • Hubby home for an unexpected day and a half.
  • Watching Baby get on a car ride and hold her hand out for money to make it go.
  • Baby enjoyed her first ever snowy walk!
  • Listening to Baby tell Mr Hubby she wants ‘Pie and Peas’ for her dinner.
  • Watching Baby blow raspberries on the couch.
  • Cuddles in the dark with my gorgeous baby.
  • Watching Baby score a goal at soft play.
  • That blogging has brought such truly wonderful friends into my life.


So what are you grateful for this week?

I am linking up with This Enchanted Pixie’s 52 weeks of gratitude and

What Katy Said


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