(Image: David/Quote: William Arthur Ward)

I really loved the process of writing my gratitude list last week, so I decided to join in again.  I think it does me good, to bring to the fore, all the little things that I love and that I am so very grateful for.  So this week;


  • The way that my daughter wants to kiss everyone she meets #Floosy
  • Big mugs of tea #SaveMyLife.
  • That Baby will wave to cars that let us cross pedestrian crossings.
  • That Mr Hubby cooks me tea every night. #IBurnBeans
  • That when I am drying my hair in the morning, Baby will pick up the brush and brush her own hair.
  • That Baby seems to be developing a love of books.
  • The way Baby puts my slippers on top of my feet.
  • That when Baby wants to try something we have, she looks at it and raises her chin.
  • That after 14 months of Baby screaming every time we wipe her face.  She has decided it is fine for us to do this, as long as I sing ‘The Boy does Nothing’ by Alesha Dixon, substituting ‘boy’ for ‘Baby’.  Apparently it’s hilarious!


So what are you grateful for this week?

I am linking up with This Enchanted Pixie’s 52 weeks of gratitude and Honest Mums Brilliant Blog posts linky.

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