I try to make my blog a happy, but honest place, showing the reality of our family life.  However, there is something I wanted to share with you, something very important, that deserves to be discussed.  I am sorry if some readers find any of this information upsetting, but I wanted to add my blog to the Mumsnet campaign, which is lobbying for change to the current miscarriage provision.

Yesterday Mumsnet published the results of their Miscarriage Care Survey.  The survey highlights seven main facts, which I find both sad and shocking.

Mumsnet Survey

Mumsnet want politicians to pledge to improve miscarriage care, especially in these key areas.

When I think about the women that are in my immediate circle, most of these ladies have experienced a miscarriage and have sad stories of the failings they experienced in their care.

In 2011, after quite some time of trying to get pregnant, we finally got a positive pregnancy test.  I went to the Doctor that day and as it was still early days (it would have been 5-6 weeks), all I had to do was wait a couple more weeks until my midwife care would start.  Two days later, I started to bleed and I knew it was over.  I went straight to the Surgery and was seen by a newly qualified doctor, who looked like a rabbit in headlights.  She had to keep going out of the room to check things with another Doctor.  I was given a pregnancy test (which came back negative) and that was it.  All our hopes and dreams were wiped out.  I wasn’t offered any pain relief or support of any form.  In fact the Doctor looked really uncomfortable throughout the whole consultation.

I thought I was going to be a mummy for only two days, but so many of my friends have had miscarriages further along and their stories are heartbreaking.  I feel that the correct miscarriage support should be a basic right.  I feel so strongly that woman experiencing miscarriages and also those going through fertility investigations, should not be treated in the same place as pregnant or labouring women.  To allow this to happen is heartless.

What can you do?  You can help too, check out this page on Mumsnet and join the fight to put an end to these awful stories of mismanagement.


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