Well, it’s a walking marathon, but it’s still a marathon right?!  I am going to go from coach potato to marathon walker. What has inspired this change?  Getting my hands on a Polar Loop 2 activity tracker.




When I was asked to try out the Polar Loop 2 I already had a fitbit and wondered how this would be different, but I love it.  I decided I wanted to use the experience to motivate me to complete some sort of fitness challenge.  What challenge was the question; as someone with major back issues running related events are out of the question, then I remembered about the Walk The Walk Moon Walk and I knew that was MY challenge.  Walk The Walk donates the money raised to various breast cancer charities; a cause close to my heart.  My mum is a breast cancer survivor and a friend who blogs, Mim, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is a pure inspiration.  I want to walk for them, I WILL walk for them.


walk the walk


My sister in law is also trying out a polar loop 2 and so was the perfect person to ask to walk the marathon with me; thankfully she agreed!  We have just started the second week of training and are up to 4 miles a session, a far cry from the 26.2 that we will have to do on 14th May, yikes!

I wanted to record my training for the challenge, so that I will remember every step along the way and also share how the Polar Loop 2 has helped with the training.



 My starting point

At the moment I am considerably overweight, with 3 prolapsed discs, SPD and arthritis in my back.  Needless to say not very fit at all.


My goal 

By 14th May I need to be fit enough to walk 26.2 miles without killing myself!  I have 14 weeks to do this.


My motivation

My mum, Mim and all the brave ladies out there fighting this awful disease.


My plan

This is where the Polar Loop 2 comes in.  It is hugely motivating to know that a band is tracking your activity and with the Polar Loop 2 if you don’t move for 50 minutes, it vibrates to give you a reminder to get going!  Although some days I feel like an electric shock would be more motivating for me personally!


I am also following the Walk The Walk training plan, which you can gain access to here.  It gradually builds up the distances and ensures you are ready in time to walk.  The Polar Loop 2 is fabulous and tracks steps, calories used, as well as adding all your activity up and showing it to you graphically in a bar which fills up and also in terms of what you still have to do that day to hit your activity target, i.e. walk for 1 hour or jog for 34 minutes.  I love that it shows me what I still need to do, my brain works better this way.  When you are setting up your Polar Loop 2, you enter in your weight, so when you are given the calories burned figure, you know if will be accurate.


Polar Loop 2 Dashboard


Once charged the battery lasts for ages, but when you do have to connect it to charge and sync, you can gain access to other information too, like the amount of sleep (and the amount of restful sleep) you have (or don’t have!).



My Training Diaries


28th January/1st walk – 2.9 miles in 1 hr 30 min

My first training walk. The timing is off as Baby’s bike is in the garage, so that time includes getting it out, strapping her in and doing the same when we got back. I also had to stop a couple of times to show her ponies! Wrestled with the bike all the way round to keep it on track, so my arms had a work out too!  Huge pain in my foot, need better shoes!




30th January/2nd walk – 4.8 miles in 1 hr 20 min

We were out for the day so I got Mr Hubby to drop sister-in-law and I off four miles from home (I have researched the drop off on google), then we walked home. I thought this would be easier mentally than going home and having to come back out again.  This time I has lots of shoulder pain and there were more hills to contend with.



1st Feb/3rd walk – 3.0 miles in approx 50 minutes

This walk was the toughest so far. Baby decided she was scared of her bike and so I took her in her Quinny. As soon as we set off she started crying saying she wanted to go home (nothing wrong with her, she just wasn’t feeling being outside).  I found it really hard to mentally carry on when I wasn’t feeling it, the weather was rubbish and I would rather have been at home, then add it whining child.  However, I pressed on and did three miles. Hooray!



4th February/4th walk – 4.0 miles in 1 hour 03 mins (15.51 min miles)

Decided to walk while Baby was at nursery, meaning that although it ate into my working time, I could just get it done without being nagged.  I dropped Baby at nursery, whacked on a Podcast and walked (up very steep hills as it happens) for two miles, then turned round and walked back the the car. It was great to listen to the Podcasts while walking, I tried to work on my phone too, but three things is too many for me to do and I nearly ended up in a ditch!



That’s it so far and I will check back in when I have got further into the training programme.  If you fancy sponsoring me (it would really motivate me to get through my training!) you can on our (sister-in-law and mine) Just Giving page. I would really appreciate your support.



Disclosure: I was given this activity tracker in return for an honest review.

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